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Why Social Justice Matters

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Arizona communities are coping with the consequences of social injustice: poverty, racism, inequity, violence, isolation, and economic segregation. The social-emotional well-being of our children is undermined by these challenges. It is important to help our children and youth become positive, productive and valued individuals. As school psychologists, we can start by being advocates for the systems and services that lower barriers and create genuine and sustained equity.  By doing so we make their well-being an unequivocal priority no matter where they learn, play, and live. (Modified from

AASP is Active...not Reactive

AASP recognizes many families are undergoing various family stressors, loss of employment, health concerns, and uncertainty about the future.  As school psychologists, we receive training to recognize the risk factors that could lead to mental distress and to provide prevention and intervention strategies.  We have the opportunity to be proactive by taking action now and getting ahead of current and future crises.


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