AASP Position Statements

  • Development Delay
    • With a new category of eligibility in Arizona, Developmental Delay, comes a lot of questions and choices to make with its use. This position statement has been created by AASP for its members in response to some of the frequently asked questions.
    • AASP- Developmental Delay.pdf

  • Assessment of CLD Students
    • This position statement was researched and submitted by Dr. Gailyn Garcia, of the AASP Research Committee. The research contained in this position statement focused on the best practices for the assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse students.
    • AASP- CLD.pdf

  • Best Practices in Third Grade Mandatory Retention
    • In 2011, the Arizona Association of School Psychologists developed a School Psychologists' guide to best practices in addressing recent legislation that requires retention of 3rd grade students in Arizona who do not pass the reading portion of the AIMS or "a successor test".
    • AASP- Retention.pdf

  • Bullying
    • The Arizona Association of School Psychologists has developed a position statement on bullying. Recently passed legislation in Arizona has an impact on school personnel, including School Psychologists, and that legislation is discussed. Additionally, appropriate roles for school psychologists in terms of bullying prevention are presented, along with some useful resources. 
    • AASP- Bullying.pdf
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