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The Mission of the Arizona Association of School Psychologists is to engage school psychologists with high-quality professional development, promote visionary leadership, and advocate for ethically, culturally competent and socially just practices to empower school psychologists in the vital role of supporting the well-being of Arizona’s children and youth.

AASP Legislative Priorities 2021.pdf

Call for Nominations for AASP Board Members

2021-2022 AASP Board Nominations

Calling all future AASP Leaders!

The nomination and election process for the AASP Executive Board of 2021- 2022 is officially underway. Come join a dynamic organization focused on professional development and advocacy for the field of school psychology in Arizona.

Nominations are open for the following positions:

-President-Elect (three-year term as President-Elect, President, and Past-President)

-Treasurer (two-year term)

-One Regional Director from each of the four regions including southern, central, western, and northern (two-year terms).

All nominees must be current Full or Retired members of AASP. Self-nominations are welcomed. Descriptions of the roles and responsibilities for each open position are available in the AASP Procedures Manual on the AASP Website (page 7). Nominations must be submitted on or before midnight March 20 to KCA , Cathy Herring at Cathy.herring@aasp-az.org.

Nomination letters should include (1) the name of the person being nominated, (2) the office for which the candidate is being nominated, and (3) the nominee’s contact information including phone number and email address. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please make sure that the person is willing to be nominated. Each nominee will be asked to complete a questionnaire providing background information and a statement of goals/vision for the role/association.

Elections are held electronically.  An email indicating that voting is open is sent to all eligible members no later than April 5.

Electronic balloting ends at midnight on April 20.  The Executive Leadership Committee will review the election outcomes, and the elections chairperson will notify all candidates of the outcome of the election on or before April 30.  The election outcome will be certified by the Executive Board and recorded in the minutes of the last board meeting of the year.  All newly elected officers and regional directors begin their terms on July 1.

AASP Legislative Priorities

1. Advance the Comprehensive Role of School Psychologists.

2. Increase Access to Mental Health Services in Schools.

3. Promote Equity for All Students.

4. Support Effective School Safety Measures.

5. Improve Access to School Psychologists.

6. Increase Investments in Education.

AASP Social Justice Resources

As events unfold around the country, we are again reminded that members of our communities face the realities of social injustice every day. As school psychologists, we have a responsibility to help students and their families cope with the challenges they are presented. To that end, the Arizona Association of School Psychologists has created a Social Justice Resources page with links to books, videos and lesson plans that we hope you find beneficial. Click here to access the AASP Social Justice Resources page.

AASP has released a Position Statement on Social Justice, Prejudice and Discrimination. Click here for the paper.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for School Psychologists

NEW from NASP: The Pandemic's Impact on Special Education Evaluations and SLD Identification

Click here for the Best Practices in Completing Educational Evaluations During School Closure document

AASP helped the Arizona Department of Education develop a reopening guidance document for school psychologists. Click here for the document.

Fellow Arizona school psychologists: Need to vent? Want to discuss something happening at work that only another school psychologist would understand? Please complete this request for support and someone will follow up with you. Click here to complete the form.

Arizona School Psychology Shortage Infographic

As many of you are aware, shortages in school psychologists affects our overall service delivery.  The attached infographic offers an opportunity for each of us to voice key issues to stakeholders and advocate for the work of school psychologists.  As school psychologists, we play a critical role in providing comprehensive support in various areas (school safety, mental health, etc.).  AASP encourages you to share this infographic with key decision makers in your district.

Click here to access the infographic:  School Psychology Shortage Infographic

Additional information is available under Resources


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