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2024 AASP Board of Directors Election
Voting is open April 5-20

AASP Full and Retired members, cast your vote in this year’s election held from April 5-20, 2024 at midnight. AASP values Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and is committed to expanding representation on our board. Please read the following candidates’ biographies, personal statements, and view the photos. Then, cast your vote!

Election Procedures
Per the bylaws, all current Full and Retired AASP members are eligible to vote; Associate, Student, Student Associate and Honorary members are not eligible to vote or hold office. Elections are held electronically. For the current election cycle, the call for nominations closed on March 1, 2024. With all election cycles, election integrity is essential to the process. To this end, the AASP business management group, KCA, verifies nominees are in good standing. KCA also compiles nominees’ bios, personal statements, and photos. KCA organizes these materials and sends them to the AASP President and Past President for review and publication in the Intervention newsletter and the AASP website. KCA creates the electronic ballot and confidentially manages the entire voting process. No AASP Board member, including incoming, current, or past president, has access to the ballot counts during the election window (closing at midnight April 20).

Full and Retired members may vote for a regional director representing the region they work or live in (click here to view region information by city). Members may not vote in more than one regional director election. All members may cast a vote for officers running for the Executive Leadership positions (President-Elect and Secretary this year). Once the election closes, KCA counts the votes and verifies outcomes. These certified outcomes are submitted to the President and Past-President. Elected individuals are then notified, and the final results are disseminated to AASP members via the website, social media, and the newsletter by, or around, May 1.

Elected officials represent your voice! They make decisions about professional development opportunities, organization partnerships, legislative advocacy, recruitment/retention efforts, resources, and supports. We look forward to hearing the election result! Good luck to our candidates!

View Candidate Information by Position

Ballot will be sent via email to all current AASP Full and Retired members on April 5. Questions? Contact Cathy Herring with KCA.

If any AASP member has a concern regarding the election process, they may submit an election complaint "within 10 days of the ballot deadline and announcement of the winners" (AASP Procedures Manual, p. 18). Complaints are handled confidentially and if any abnormalities in the election process are identified, sanctions will be addressed with the candidate by the Executive Board. For further information, please see the procedures manual on the AASP website or contact the AASP Past President Stacy Anderson, or AASP President Matthew Moix.

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