Our Mission

The mission of school psychologists is to promote educationally and psychologically healthy environments for all children and youth by implementing research-based, effective programs that prevent problems, enhance independence and promote optimal learning.

  • All children and youth deserve a free and appropriate public education in a safe and nurturing school environment that promotes cognitive, physical, social and emotional development and encourages family involvement.

  • The future well-being of a community depends on the commitment of finances and resources to develop and maintain accessible support systems for children and families today.

  • Children learn best in communities where educators are valued and treated with respect, and are learners themselves.

  • All children have a right to at least one caring and capable adult in their lives.

  • Early effective interventions and collaborative services will best prepare children for success in the future.

  • School psychologists are change agents and facilitators who collaborate with key stakeholders in families, schools and communities to promote the healthy development of all children and youth.

  • School psychologists have unique training that encompasses learning and cognition, as well as social and emotional development, and provides an integrated perspective of service within the context of the school.

  • School psychologists respect individual differences of students and families, and recognize that diversity contributes to a strong and just society.

  • School psychologists promote early interventions and data-based decision making to support children and families.

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